HB 341 Study of the Bible and Religion

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Introduced by Kimberly Daniels

The bill is described as “An act relating to the study of the Bible and religion; amending s. 1003.45, F.S.; requiring each school district to offer specified courses relating to religion, Hebrew Scriptures, and the Bible to certain students as elective courses…”

How can one have an “objective study of religion”, without including other religious perspectives? The bill states the student can use any translation of the Hebrew scriptures or bible as their “sole text for the course”. But what about the students that are Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Mormon, or Scientologist? Would they feel welcome in this course where only the bible is studied?

Religion should be taught in the home and at the place of worship chosen by the family or student. We suggest instead, a course on comparative religion. A course where students can examine the basic ideas of all 4000 religions that exist in the world today, as well as non-religious approaches to the world such as Humanism.

If this bill passes, I suggest we raise funds to provide a copy of the X-rated bible to any student that wants it.

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