Florida Legislation



Women’s Issues

  • Providing an exemption from public records requirements for physician abortion reports filed with the Department of Health; providing for future legislative review and repeal of […]
  • Citing this act as the "Florida Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"; prohibiting the attempted or actual performance or induction of an abortion in certain circumstances; […]
  • Prohibits abortion of unborn child capable of feeling pain; provides parameters for physicians in making certain determinations; requires physicians to report abortion information to DOH; […]
  • Reclassifying the criminal offense for a specified violation; prohibiting physicians from performing or inducing the termination of the pregnancy of a minor unless specified requirements […]
  • Providing a public records exemption for information that could identify a minor which is contained in a record held by the court relating to the […]
  • Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to provide that neither house of the Legislature may vote on a bill that would affect access to […]
  • Prohibits termination of pregnancy if physician determines that preborn human being has detectable preborn intrauterine heartbeat; removes medical necessity exceptions; revises certain informed consent requirements; […]
  • Prohibiting termination of pregnancy based on a test result, diagnosis, or other reason for believing that the fetus has Down syndrome; providing an exception; subjecting […]
  • Proposes amendment to State Constitution to provide that neither house of Legislature may vote on bill that would affect access to abortion services unless at […]
  • Removes requirement delaying abortion procedure; removes prohibition on expenditures or funds for or initiation or renewal of contracts with certain organizations that perform abortions under […]